Retail is everywhere – make our case for driving growth and providing employment for New Brunswickers.

On September 24th, 2018, the New Brunswick election will provide retailers with the opportunity to ensure that future Legislative Assembly members understand the role merchants play in New Brunswickers’ lives and the economy.

  • More than 45,300 New Brunswickers are employed in retail (New Brunswick’s largest private sector employer).
  • There are 3,421 retail establishments in New Brunswick – more store locations than any other sector.
  • Retail and wholesale accounts for 6.5% of New Brunswick’s GDP.

Forward this website to other retailers and people in your community. Tell them to send the letter and get involved.

Step 1: Send a letter to your candidate in NB
Step 2: Learn more about the issues in NB
Step 3: Speak up to your candidate in NB

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